Reclusive author Thomas Pynchon is set to make his movie debut as an actor in the film adaptation of his novel Inherent Vice.

Director Paul Thomas Anderson offered the elusive literary star a cameo in his film, which will premiere at the New York Film Festival this weekend (04-05Oct14), and he accepted the role.

Josh Brolin, who features in the movie, has confirmed Pynchon is part of the film, telling the New York Times, "I don't think anybody knew (who he was). He came on as the kind of mercurial iconoclast that he is. He stayed in the corner."

Pynchon has chosen to live well away from the spotlight since the release of his first novel V in the early 1960s, refusing to pose for book sleeve photos or give interviews. In 2004 he appeared in animated form on The Simpsons - his character wore a bag over his head to protect his anonymity.

Director Anderson has refused to reveal who Pynchon portrays in his movie adaptation of the author's book.