Raye has admitted hiring her family was "the perfect marriage" for her career.

The 'Call On Me' hitmaker has explained the decision to get her loved ones involved as part of her team, which was done after spending a lot of time on the road without seeing her parents.

Appearing on 'The Rebecca Judd Show' on Apple Music 1, she said: "I'm with my family. We're just planning out our plan of attack for this year.

"I actually have hired my whole family. My dad is my manager, and he also manages my little sister Abby and my other sister Lauren, who just started killing the writing scene.

"Do know what? I think I've been in this industry for a little minute as a writer, as an artist.

"And I've learned, you know, there's been periods of time where I think in 2019 or 2018, I saw my parents like twice in a year. You do lose yourself in this music game."

The 24-year-old singer admitted her dad is "so organised and perfect", which makes him the perfect fit as her manager - and now she's trying to find the best role for her mum.

She added: "Sometimes you forget - you're hustling, you wake up, you do what your calendar tells you to and you forget what you're doing it all for.

"And it was just the perfect marriage. My dad is so organised and perfect, and he has no ego, and he just wants the best for me. And he's like, 'We're gonna win'.

"My mum's next, I'm ready to take her out the NHS like, Mum, we need you next."

Family is at the heart of Raye's music, and she actually wrote 'Call On Me' for her sister Lauren.

She added: "She's the cool one. You know, she's very reserved and like just too cool for school, ice cold...

"She's so embarrassed by me. But it was so brilliant to see her emotions come out when I played this song.

"It's very unlike her, you know? So it really kind of moved me to even believe in this song."