Benzino, who appears on VH1's 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,' was involved in a life threatening incident while attending his mother's funeral on Saturday (March 29th).

The hip-hop producer was traveling in Duxbury on the way to St. Peter’s Church in Plymouth when he was involved in a drive-by shooting, according to WHDH-TV in Boston. 

Benzino was hit with a bullet in his right arm and has since been hospitalized.

The shooter has been identified as his nephew Gai Scott (36), who was driving a Bentley at the time, and he has now been arrested on charges of armed assault and attempt to murder, authorities said.

Benzino exited his red SUV while bleeding heavily and waved down a passer-by for assistance. He was taken to a nearby hospital where they determined the gunshot wounds were non-fatal.

It is still unclear why the shooting took place but other family members have said there has been growing tension between the two for some time.

The SUV was driving behind the hearse of Mary Scott, who passed away on March 20th, while it was travelling to the funeral mass.

Blood has been splatted onto the hearse, and while it was parked outside the church the authorities covered it in plastic and wrapped police take around it.

Father William Williams described what he saw when the vehicles arrived for the service. "I said to one of the guys: 'There's blood on the hearse.' There was an incident along the way," Williams said. "The family was there. They were mourning somebody they loved who died so they didn't want to talk cops and robbers."

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Since the incident Benzino posted a photo on Instagram of himself on a hospital bed, the caption read: "Feel much better, GOD IS REAL.MY MOTHER TOUCHED ME, IM CERTAIN."