Rafferty Law thinks there are ''advantages and disadvantages'' to pursuing a showbiz career with famous parents.

The 23-year-old actor and singer's parents are famous actors - Jude Law and Sadie Frost - themselves and Rafferty feels having parents in the spotlight is both positive and negative for him.

He said: ''I think there have been advantages and disadvantages to it. I've always focused on pursuing the things I love and proving to people that I'm hardworking. I'm just really excited for 'Oliver Twist' to come out. I want it to speak for itself. And the same with my music.''

Rafferty heaped praise on his mother Sadie for her ''kindness'', admitting it was something he desperately would want to emulate himself both now and in the future.

He added: ''She goes out of her way to reach out to people and she's always encouraged me to find my own path. Her kindness to everyone is something that I've grown up admiring and wanting to replicate.''

The 'Oliver Twist' star - who is appearing in the modern-day adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel alongside Rita Ora - has been staying with his mum and siblings during lockdown and quipped that it has been ''so funny'' being around his mother, as well as his brother and sister - Iris, 19, a model, and Rudy, 17, who is also an aspiring actor.

He told Wonderland magazine: ''It's so funny, the dynamic of all of us being back in the house together ... I caught my brother hiding snacks around the house. I'm not even joking.''