R&B superstar R. Kelly's injured ex-wife had TV censors racing for the decency button during a live appearance on Thursday morning (21Jun12) as her mini-dress started to fall down as she hobbled onto the set.
Andrea Kelly joined her Hollywood Exes co-stars for an interview on U.S. breakfast show Access Hollywood Live and almost revealed more than she wanted to.
Limping out on crutches with her foot bandaged following a dancing accident, Kelly didn't realise the top of her pink dress was slipping down and revealing her breasts.
As quick-thinking cameramen shot to the reality TV star's feet, concerned show host Billy Bush yelled, "Be careful, her top is coming down... We've got a censorship issue."
Luckily, Kelly's boobs failed to make an appearance on the show and the only people who caught a glimpse of them were the programme's cast and crew and her Hollywood Exes co-stars, including Eddie Murphy's former wife Nicole and Prince's one-time partner Mayte Garcia.