Tragic British royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales hated her stepmother RAINE SPENCER so much, she once pushed her down stairs at a wedding.

The late princess admitted in explosive videotapes currently airing on American TV she physically reacted in fury to Spencer's spiteful ignorance of her mother FRANCES SHAND KYDD at the wedding of her brother CHARLES.

In the candid chat with her voice coach PETER SETTELEN, Diana insisted her dad EARL SPENCER also refused to communicate with his ex-wife - a stance which further enraged the princess.

And it took Diana's father six months for him to finally forgive his daughter for her sudden act of brutality - but the royal herself never regretted it.

She said of the 1988 incident, "My stepmother and I ended up having this row. I pushed her down the stairs, which gave me enormous satisfaction."

08/12/2004 14:07