Phoebe Dynevor won’t leave the house without doing her eyebrows.

The ‘Bridgerton’ star “can’t go out” without filling in her eyebrows despite being known for her effortless neutral lipstick shades and smoky eye looks

The 26-year-old actress told Glamour: “I can’t go out without my eyebrow makeup,” and knows her favourites well, saying “definitely my eyebrow colour and brush.”

Her go-to favourite product is Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows (£19/$25).

The former ‘Waterloo Road’ star believes that getting shut-eye is the “best self care ritual”.

She told the magazine: “Sleep is definitely the best self care ritual, especially with night shoots and early call times. It also helps to make you feel at your most empowered as it helps you give everything you do 110%. Then if you fail, you can hold your head high knowing you tried your best."

Phoebe admitted to trying to give herself a DIY haircut while trying to discover her style.

She said: “I feel like we have all had some dodgy hair styles at some stage, we are all exploring, especially when we are younger and finding our feet with what suits and sometimes getting it so wrong. I once cut myself bangs, it was not good.”

However, the Screen Actors’ Guild Award nominee is still “keen to experiment” with wild hairstyles.

She said: “I haven’t really had a style I regret and I am keen to try new styles. I would love to rock a mullet!”

Phoebe would also love to blonde, saying “I feel very lucky to be able to experiment so much with my hair for work and not only length but colour too,” she says. “I was blonde for some time while filming Younger and I loved that change but I have always had more red tones to my natural hair so going back to my ‘roots’ has been nice and even elevating that to a more copper tone too.”