Skyfall director Sam Mendes and his co-script writer on the Bond film, John Logan, are embarking on a new collaboration, so great was their enjoyment in working together. Penny Dreadful is the title of the horror-tinged detective drama that Mendes and Logan are creating for US cable network Showtime. The show will include various established literary figures from horror-related texts, such as Dr Frankenstein.

Showtime is already responsible for a whole raft of successful dramas, such as Dexter, Californication and Homeland. Penny Dreadful will be set in 1880s London, and Showtime’s entertainment president, David Nevins said in a statement reported on by Entertainment Weekly, “It’s very realistic, it’s very grounded… It’s very psychological and highly erotic.” The network have already commissioned the series and it’s possible that Mendes will direct the first episode, if he has the time. Amongst the likely characters are Dorian Gray, Dr. Frankenstein and some Dracula characters.

In Skyfall, Mendes has created the most popular Bond movie of all time. However, the accolades that the movie was expected to get at the Oscars this year simply did not come, despite the fact that the franchise is celebrating its 50th anniversary. It’s not all bad news for the movie though; Adele has been nominated for an Academy Award for the title track for the movie and after her win at the Golden Globes last night, looks like a dead cert to bring the statuette home.