The Brockman family waved goodbye to UK audiences on Wednesday evening (March 5, 2014) after seven years and five series of 'Outnumbered'. The show followed married couple Pete and Sue - the epitome of the middle classes - who attempted to juggle their careers with school politics, family, teenage hormones and everything else that comes with bringing up three children.

Outnumbered last episode'Outnumbered' Aired Its Last Episode on Wednesday (March 5, 2014)

It was a wholesome, hugely satisfying sitcom for much of its run though particularly in its early part-improvised series'. Ramona Marquez - who played the precocious Karen - stole much of the early episodes with her unique view of life and Hugh Dennis was excellent as the history teacher father struggling to cope with the demands of running a busy household.

It's not all the fault of the writers that 'Outnumbered' became gradually more formulaic and less spontaneous. The children grew up. Karen lost her childish innocence. After all, cute kids grow into angsty teenagers.

The final episode saw son Ben's performance in 'Spartacus the musical', with the whole family pulling together to ensure everything ran smoothly on his big night. Pete and Sue took time to breathe and realised they'd made a pretty decent fist of bringing up the family.

Though 'Outnumbered' has finished its run, it's likely that we'll see the Brockmans again - perhaps in some form of Christmas special. 

Outnumbered castOutnumbered Has Ended Its Run, After 7 Years