These soundtracks will help you totally zone into the video gaming world

A good soundtrack can make or break a moment. Going out for a run with a fast-paced playlist can help spur you on to achieve that personal best. Conversely, a dinner party with heavy metal might not make for the best conversation. A soundtrack is important in all areas of life, but never more so than when gaming. Great game soundtracks can be remembered for a variety of reasons: they might fit particularly well with the action, they might transport you to a different era, or even another world that the game is set in. We've picked these soundtracks for a variety of reasons, but think that, after listening, you'll agree that they deserve to be recognized as the works of art they are.

The Last Of Us

The Last of Us has hit headlines recently for the incredible new HBO series that sees the video game reimagined on our television screens. Despite it not even reaching an ending yet, there are already rumors that there will be a season two. However, we're here to talk about the video game that inspired it all and the incredible soundtrack that goes with it. Argentinian composer Gustavo Santaolalla is responsible for composing the soundtrack. He's worked on many film compositions and this shows in his hauntingly beautiful songs for The Last Of Us. The Path is one of the most downloaded songs from the soundtrack, providing a moment of levity in what is a deeply dark story. Combining moments of light like this with broken chords and wailing harmonicas in other parts helps players to understand the dichotomy between the human will to live and the infected world that they live in. If you love soundtracks that are just as strong when they stand alone then we suggest a playthrough of this game.

Red Dead Redemption II

You'll feel every inch the cowboy with these tunes

The soundtracks for both Red Dead Redemption I and II are both highly acclaimed but the addition of an even larger research team for the soundtrack of the second installment means that it gets our vote. The team went through hundreds of hours of archival materials, including the lyrics to old folk songs and hymns, actual recordings of songs from the time, as well as endless information on the events occurring in turn of the century America. Using all of this information they condensed it together and came up with a stunning soundtrack that not only adds to the whole experience, as any good soundtrack should, but is so beautiful you'll find yourself humming it even after long lapses in play. The music shifts and changes depending on the weather, where you're exploring, which horse you're riding, and if you come under attack. The time of year, the part of the map and the songs themselves are perfectly in harmony, which is a real treat for those who are fans of gaming and music equally.


WolfQuest is a browser-based game that allows its players to play as wolves. They can be a lone wolf, join a pack, be born into this world as a wolf cub, and more. There's a small but incredibly loyal fanbase who loves escaping to play in the world of WolfQuest. What makes this game stand out amongst other browser-based games is the incredible soundtrack. Whilst some might imagine the soundtrack is made up entirely of music that our dogs would go wild for, that couldn't be further from the truth. The soundtrack was composed by Tim Buzza and Ben Woolman and they poured their hearts and souls into creating orchestral pieces that captured the grandeur of the landscape these creatures inhabit. Nascence provides the opening to the game with somber undertones and jolts of brightness. The strings cascade beautifully as you step into the world of WolfQuest and begin your adventure. If you like atmospheric soundtracks that are big, bold, and sound as though they were played by an entire orchestra then you might want to try out this role-playing game.