Noel Gallagher's mum is ''not arsed'' about the fact he and his brother Liam don't speak anymore.

The brothers fell out in a huge backstage row in 2009 which led to the breakup of their band, Oasis, and haven't spoken since and Noel says their parent, Peggy, isn't bothered about reuniting them.

He said: ''She's not arsed. We spoke about it once and that's it. How can you be bothered about two grown men in their forties who don't speak to each other? What's she going to do? Order me to call my brother?''

The 46-year-old musician - who now has his High Flying Birds project, while Liam has formed Beady Eye - says he doesn't really miss any of the former members of Oasis as he's a ''lone wolf''.

He added to GQ magazine: ''When Oasis were together we spent so much time touring that outside of that, I never used to see anyone from the band. I'm a loner. A lone wolf. I'd have made a brilliant assassin, a sniper.''