'No Time To Die' could be delayed until 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The James Bond film has already had its release date shifted from April to November as a result of the global health crisis but according to Baz Bamigboye's column in the Daily Mail newspaper, some studio executives believe the movie should be pushed back even further.

It is unclear both when and how cinemas will be able to reopen once the pandemic eases and some Bond chiefs feel it will be safer postponing the film until next year.

A source said: ''If it has to wait till next year so be it. There are hundreds of millions of dollars involved here. Release it when audiences feel safe to return. But it's a nerve-racking call.''

If 'No Time To Die' is delayed until 2021, it will clash with a number of other blockbusters that have changed their release as a result of the crisis, such as Marvel's 'The Eternals' and 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife'.

Bond insiders recently denied that the movie, which marks Daniel Craig's final appearance as 007, had been delayed as it was not finished.

A source said: ''As with all films this size there are things that you come across that might require a bit of re-shooting - but not here.

''It was finished. Perhaps there might have been a little spot of ADR (the industry term for rerecording dialogue) but if it does need it, then that can be achieved quickly, as soon as the restrictions are lifted.''

'No Time To Die' has reportedly been locked away and only a select few, including producer Barbara Broccoli and director Cary Joji Fukunaga, will see it before the premiere.

It has also been claimed that every single person who worked on the project has signed an iron-clad non-disclosure agreement.