Las Vegas is an incredible place, an entire city dedicated to entertainment with the biggest casinos in the world. However, Vegas isn't only about casinos. There are tons of shows happening throughout the city every night.



The saying goes: "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," and it takes on a whole other meaning when you see the shows available. Truly, what happens in Vegas, can only happen in Vegas. It's an unparalleled experience with millions of budgets sunk into world-class shows. So if you want to spend a night out between two casinos or keep playing at an online casino while the best performers entertain you, follow the guide!


Six Shows You Can't Miss in Las Vegas

Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil - Mandalay Bay

Take the King of Pop and mix it with the best Canadian entertainment company, and you get Michael Jackson ONE. The show is so good Rolling Stone Magazine praised it. Set in Mandalay Bay, Cirque du Soleil's show is a 90 minutes homage to Michael's career and explores his discography through stunning visuals and expert dancing.


This show is a must-see if you've tried to Moonwalk in your slippers while listening to Billie Jean.

Criss Angel's MINDFREAK - Planet Hollywood

Criss Angel is, after David Copperfield, considered the best magician in the world. After a hiatus, he returns to Vegas and the famous Planet Hollywood with his classic show MINDFREAK. He also added a second show, MYSTIKA 2, and you can enjoy both as a package.


These shows make use of all the magic talent of Angel, with the help of impressive pyrotechnics and video illusions to mind-whack you! Even after all these years of performing, Criss Angel still impresses with new tricks. So if you're in the mood for something spectacular, let the magic happen with this show! You may even be invited on stage to participate if you're lucky.

Channing Tatum Presents Magic Mike Live - The Sahara

Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies. This 18+ show inspired by the iconic movie Magic Mike features professional dancers with perfect musculature ready to be "Channing all over your Tatum." However, the Hollywood celebrity won't be present since he’s participating in the project as a director, but you'll see the most exotic dances from the film reproduced.


So, for a bachelorette party or simply a ladies-only trip, this is the wildest show you'll witness!

“O” by Cirque du Soleil - The Bellagio

With six shows happening in Vegas, Cirque du Soleil had to be mentioned at least once again. This incredible circus show is taking place in one of the most beautiful places in Vegas, the mythical Bellagio. The show is unique, with physics-defying aquatic performances and stunning visual ideas exploring the themes of water and infinity.


Moreover, the show takes place in the Bellagio's grand theatre, a room designed to resemble a 14th-century opera for a total immersion in this stunning show. This mix of an old-school venue with such a modern spectacle creates a unique and unforgettable setting for all ages.

Absinthe - Caesars Palace

If you enjoy Moulin Rouge-type shows with burlesque comedy and cabaret-style performances, Absinthe takes it up 10 notches. Absinthe is a type of french alcohol that can reach up to 90%, so naturally, we're in a show that does everything excessively.


If you don't know about Moulin Rouge and cabarets, we have to warn you. This is an 18+ show only. You'll see some incredible acrobatics coupled with the sexy atmosphere of this type of show and a great deal of humour.

John Legend "Love in Las Vegas" - Planet Hollywood

We all know and love John Legend for his incredible angel-like voice, and if you don't know him, this show is the perfect way to discover this 12-Grammy Award winner and judge on The Voice.

This musical spectacle is an opportunity to experience the artist's greatest hits in a new light. It alternates between festive sets with energetic dances and more intimate moments where John Legend's voice and piano-skills transport you.


Love in Las Vegas has been performed since April 2022, and the singer signed a residency, so you'll have many occasions to see it. It's perfect for a romantic date night in the heart of the Zappo's Theatre.

Vegas: All Fun and Games Even Outside the Casino

These are just the best shows you can find all around the famous Vegas Strip, but the city has dozens of establishments, and each one offers a unique program that's modified almost weekly. We've also mentioned shows that are available permanently, but during your stay, you may find temporary events that are also worth your time, so stay on the lookout.


So, if you want some breathing room between two adrenaline-filled casino game sessions, these are the events to relax and have a good time!