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Music is known for bringing people together and as a result, applications such as Spotify and Apple music are some of the most popular apps across several mobile devices.


But what if you could combine the fun of video games with the joy of music from several different genres. To help you find the absolute best of some of these games, we will be providing you with some of the music-themed games that we are sure you will love.



If you are a fan of all things music then you may find yourself on your phone listening to music on apps such as Spotify and Apple music. But what about if you could find the perfect app for you and your friends to guess the song and gain points as you go.


SongPop provides you with exactly that. Not only are their 2 versions of this amazing game, but it is a free to play game that you are sure everyone will love. 



If you are a guitar lover, then the game of Rocksmith is the perfect game for you. Unlike the Guitar Hero games, Rocksmith allows you to connect your own guitar and learn some of your favourite songs.


Not only are there a set number of songs on the original game, but there are also several DLC’s that allow you to expand the number of songs that you can learn.


Regardless of whether you are a beginner, or you have been playing the guitar for several years now, this is the game that we are sure every music lover will love. 


Just Dance

If you are not one for playing an instrument, then Just Dance is the perfect game for the whole family. With several amazing songs for you to dance along to and a catalogue that changes with every game, there are so many amazing songs for you and the family to enjoy. In addition to the adult games, there is also a kid version of the Just Dance games with Disney songs and many more that your little ones will enjoy dancing too. 


Guns & Roses Online Games 

For those that are a fan of bands such as Guns and Roses, Motorhead and many more, there are several games that you can enjoy to gain access to their songs.


Whether it be Guitar Hero, Rocksmith or one of the themed slots that feature on a wide range of online casino platforms, you can enjoy many rock-themed slots online.


One of the most popular of course is either guns and roses or Motorhead that have seen thousands of new players since its release across several online casino platforms in January of 2018. 



Another game that has become hugely popular over the last year is Fuser. This is a DJ based game across a wide range of consoles that allows you to make your very own beats with some of your favourite songs.


Throughout the game, you are responsible for your very own festival so do your best and mix music that you think that your audience will love. With over 100 songs to choose from, several effects and so much more, you are in complete control of your ultimate music playground whenever you decided to turn on your computer and start up your game. 


Piano Tiles 

The final game that is definitely one that every music lover will love is piano tiles. This is a simple game that requires players to tap along with the tiles to play a wide range of both classical and pop songs to make for an amazing game that everyone will love.


With a wide range of difficulty settings this is a game, several free songs and some that you can purchase, there are several options for you to choose from this is a game that you will want to come back to time and time again to help you make the most out of your downtime. 


With this in mind, there are several music-themed games out there on the market right now that we are sure that every family member will love. Which of these games will you be adding to your collection shortly.