Background music is always there for a reason. Be it to provide entertainment and encouragement, or simply to create an atmosphere of calm, it’s an incredible tool for affecting people’s behaviour and habits. Shops use it to put consumers in the mood to spend, and casinos use it to put gamblers in the mood to bet.

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But how exactly does a bit of music that most crowds barely register manage to have such a huge impact on gambling habits?

Many studies have been done to show how different types of music can influence the way people interact with casino games. Gentle, soothing music can improve the focus of players in slow-paced games like poker or blackjack, making the game more enjoyable and relaxing, and increasing the likelihood of longer play-time. Meanwhile, faster, more intense music can increase the excitement of faster-paced games and encourage gamblers to bet quickly (and not dwell too long on potential risks). 

Certain casinos - or any type of establishment with slot machines or other casino games - may also have a certain clientele they want to attract, and so may play music that suit that demographic. A place where bikers frequent, for example, may play a lot of rock music. Somewhere that considers itself as more of a high-brow venue may opt for classical music. People are much more likely to flock to an establishment where they enjoy the music, whether it’s for personal enjoyment or to meet like-minded folk, and therefore likely to spend more time on slot machines and card games there. 

When it comes to online casinos like Casimba casino, music is a way to hold the attention of players and is generally thought to be much more attractive in a game especially to those with very particular music interests.

So what happens when you take music out of the equation?

A huge part of casino ambience is down to music, so the lack of it may be unwelcoming to many casino players. Not only that, but you might find players have less interest in games, reduced concentration leading to fewer bets, and largely less enjoyment. Music is entertaining, losing isn’t. If there’s no uplifting background tunes to soothe your bruised ego, are you likely to continue playing?

Of course, not everyone loves to gamble to music; for sports events it can even distract from the actual game. But that’s why online games are so great - you can choose whether to leave the music playing, or turn it off if that’s how you concentrate better!