Music makes us feel good, there's no denying that. And, it seems many of the world's business owners have cottoned on to this by playing songs in shopping centres, restaurants and even on online gambling sites. But why are some music types played more than others and is there a deeper link between gambling and music - other than simply making us feel good? We reveal more here. 


Debut sounds

Music has been played as background noise in physical locations for many years. We're all familiar with lift music. And in fact, when casinos were first opened in the 1930s, live musicians and symphonies would be tasked with creating the atmosphere. Typically, this was because casino owners wanted to create a relaxing and enjoyable environment. They wanted casinos to be a space that people would want to return to.

Why does music continue to be used in this way? A number of studies which show that music can relax us and it is likely that producers in all areas of life and entertainment are tapping into their target audiences' innate love of music - in the background as much as in the foreground.


Slow vs fast

Nowadays, live bands in casinos have typically been replaced with CDs, and online casinos and individual games are enhanced with tunes too. Cinema has long tapped into the effect that music can have on viewers: fast-paced music can build excitement but slower-paced tunes also have a role to play. Experts have revealed that music can have different reactions. While quick and catchy music can add to the overall atmosphere, slower songs can provide a welcome distraction in an already busy and bustling space.

The online experience 

Online gambling is a good example of an industry already growing in popularity, but where music can step in to boost enjoyment and allow the user to control how they consume the entertainment. Developers are becoming more innovative as they offer a traditional casino experience to players in their very own homes. Online casino experiences, while based on brick-and-mortar experiences, often provide an enhanced and unrivalled atmosphere thanks to technology, which allows casinos to offer not just a vast library of slot titles but also live dealer games. Online, music for online casino games is designed so that players can decide whether to add or turn off background noise. It all results in a highly personalised gambling experience.


So where next? There's been talk of some online casinos teaming up with artists to offer bespoke track lists and even introducing in-game radio stations. Investing in music for online casinos seems to be a wise choice as the latest figures have revealed that nearly a third of gamers have tried to buy or stream a song that they first heard on a game. A quarter of gamers admit that they wish they could add gaming music to their playlists. These stats not only show the demand for music in games but also highlight potential revenue and engagement opportunities for online casino names in the future.