Did you ever have the chance to play bingo online? If you haven’t tried it out yet, you are losing out on something extremely awesome and fun to play. Music bingo is one of the hot events in virtual parties. If you and your friends are presently living in different parts of the world and can’t meet anytime soon but want to celebrate an occasion together, music bingo is just the thing you can try out! In fact, virtual parties are nothing without music bingo.


What is Music Bingo?


If you have ever played the regular bingo game, you won’t have any difficulty in playing music bingo either. Instead of letters or balls, you play with songs, and it is quite amazing. Since you are playing it virtually, there is no end to the number of people who can participate in the game. No matter how big your company is, everyone can play music bingo. Well, let’s learn about it in more detail. In this article, we will cover all that you need to know about music bingo and also how it is played.


Believe it or not, music bingo isn’t just a trivia game! Neither did it originate recently! The game was first played on a TV show which started on May 29, 1958, and continued to provide entertainment to audiences for two years on black-and-white screens. Now it is frequently played virtually, thanks to the Internet. 


The game has very simple rules. Every participant is given a Music Bingo card with a list of the hottest tracks. The host then plays a song, and you will strike it off if it is listed on your card. When any participant gets a full house of songs, they win and call ‘BINGO’! The game is a fantastic choice for any type of virtual event, such as birthday parties, Christmas parties, virtual team building, stag and hen parties, and others.



Modern technology has made the game a lot easier. Now, participants do not need to run to the song board and place their corresponding symbols. Simply having a laptop or a smartphone with internet access will suffice for an online music bingo party.


It is a game for any occasion and an excellent virtual party idea. Music bingo is fun and it turbocharges your party and acts as an icebreaker for the guests.


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How to Play Online Music Bingo?


As we said before, the rules of this game are pretty simple, and if you already know how to play the traditional offline bingo, you will have no problem catching them. Most of us know how to play offline bingo, but if you have never played it, here are a few guidelines for Music Bingo:


●      There is a DJ who keeps playing 10-15 seconds of Bingo songs. The songs can be of any type, from party songs to recent hits, unless a theme is fixed beforehand.

●      The participants have to recognize the song and mark it with a bingo chip.

●      The songs will be continuously played one after another unless someone gets five songs correct and triumphantly calls out, ‘BINGO!’

●      The rest of the players continue to play, and everyone calls out ‘Bingo’ until one person is left.

Make rounds and play the game all over again using different playlists.

How Can You Spice Up Your Music Bingo?


Although you can keep any type of song in the Music Bingo list, choosing a theme always helps. A thematic playlist sounds better and makes the game more interesting. If you don’t have time to create your own playlist, you can always use Spotify, which has dozens of playlists, especially for Music Bingo games!


You can also spice it up by adding some of your colleagues' or friends' favorite songs to the playlists. Congratulate the winners in every round and award them bonus points to make it more engaging. After all the rounds are completed, award a special prize to the overall winner to make the event memorable.





Music Bingo can become very interesting if you choose the right tracks. Don’t keep the same songs in multiple playlists; instead, think out of the box. There are plenty of options to make a virtual party interesting, and choosing the right virtual activities can make the party a grand success.