It was an exciting start of the year for the music world. We've seen fantastic releases so far from the brightest stars in the pop world. The euphoria the first half of 2019 brought on the table, got us wondering what next, we can expect in the upcoming six months.

It will be a music rollercoaster for sure. We are all thankful for the streaming platforms that will provide us on time access at the fresh, straight out of the oven music on the market. If for some reason you can't use the streaming platforms, you can always try a music website for free on the internet and find your favourite artists there. 

Ed Sheeran - No. 6 Collaborations ProjectEd Sheeran - No. 6 Collaborations Project

Let's see what we can expect in the second half of 2019. Here are the three most expected releases in 2019. Buckle up, it's going to be a super fun ride.

1. Ed Sheeran 

Two singles from Ed's new album are already dominating the charts. He teamed up with Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper and released two pop songs that will be summer hits for sure.  The album is named No.6 Collaboration Projects and the release date is set for 12th of July. 

The album includes a lot of guest appearances from American artists such as Camila Cabello, Travis Scott, Eminem, 50 Cent, Cardi B, Young Thug, Ella Mai and Bruno Mars, among others, alongside British rappers Stormzy, J Hus and Dave. 

It's very likely that the new material from Ed will be similar to his previous work. We should expect emotional lyrics, diverse music and a lot of pop. There is no doubt that this man will dominate the charts in the second half of 2019. At least we expect him to do so, after the success of the last album, years ago.

2. The Cure

After the successful release in 2018, The Cure is ready to shake up 2019 as well. They recently shared the news that the band is done with their new album. The inspiration behind the new music was all the bands they saw on the Meltdown festival.  It's hard to guess the direction their next album will take as they always surprise us with out of this world creative music, however, we are all excited about it. Their experimentation with music and styles will refresh and restart the charts and give us music that we can use for daydreaming.

3. Dua Lipa

After the huge success of her debut album, Dua Lipa is releasing another monster this year. The mega-hits such as "New Rules" and "IDGF" are enough to get us excited about the new music. In a couple of interviews, Dua Lipa mentioned that the new record will inspire us to move and dance. She also mentioned that the theme of the new album will be emotional manipulation, so we should expect similar women empowerment anthems and pop bangers from this lady. 

The release dates for all of the above albums are not set yet, however, it's going to be an exciting and magical year filled with great pop music.