A day after the Cannes premiere of The Bling Ring, about $1 million’s worth of jewels was stolen from a hotel room at the festival. Talk about establishing a theme – it’s all about the high profile thieves this year, apparently. The heist (a word that makes it sound infinitely more glamorous) was committed in the Novotel hotel room of a Swiss jewellery maker’s representative overnight, said French police officials on Friday.

Chopard, the company in question, is a sponsor of the festival and so the jewels were probably in the city in connection with the event. Cmdr. Bernard Mascarelli, a judicial police spokesman in the nearby city of Nice, explained that the police didn’t know the exact kinds of jewels that had been swiped. Whatever was stolen though, it was probably intended for an A-lister, who would be walking the Cannes red carpet. Chopard have often loaned jewels for similar events to members of the Hollywood crowd. This year model Carla Devigne and actress Julianne Moore have already walked the carpet in Chopard creations.

"Numbers have been put forward that we're still trying to verify, but the figure of $1 million… we're in that range," Mascarelli said during the press conference. According to E! Online, both reps for Chopard and for Accor, the hospitality giant behind Novotel, have refused to comment on the theft.

Bling Ring Cast, Cannes Film Festival
The cast of the aptly themed The Bling Ring attend the film's Cannes premiere.