It’s a firmly established truth in the fashion industry that once Anna Wintour says you’re out, there’s no way to get back in. Sadly, this fate has befallen teeny-bopper-turned-latex-bra-wearer Miley Cyrus. According to The Daily Mail, Miley posed for a cover shoot for American Vogue last December, with Wintour eager to mark her as one of the chosen ones – a fashion icon, with the impressive endorsement of Vogue behind her back. Unfortunately, Cyrus’ performance alongside Robin Thicke at the VMAs served to change Wintour’s mind. 

Miley Cyrus, VMA
Apparently, Miley's newfound penchant for sticking out her tongue isn't really Vogue material.

‘Anna found the whole thing distasteful,’ a source said for the Mail. ‘She decided, based on Miley’s performance, to take the cover in a different direction.’

As it turns out, the controversial performance might have done wonders for Cyrus’s publicity – for better or worse – but it didn’t do her any favors with critics, especially the selective Wintour. The fact that Robin Thicke, Miley’s co-conspirator, hasn’t come under nearly the same pressure and scrutiny, springs to mind, but then again, Thicke was never set to become a fashion icon with his own Vogue cover.

Miley Cyrus, MTV VMA
Miley hasn't seemed the slightest bit bothered by the axing.

Meanwhile, the We Can’t Stop singer doesn’t seem too bothered by the unfortunate turn of events. To be fair, she does have other successes to celebrate, such as the release of her video for Wrecking Ball. The video, shot by Terry Richardson is much more simple and shows more emotion than we’re used to seeing from Miley, but of course, this goes perfectly with the emotive ballad.

Check out the Wrecking Ball video below.