We've all done it; tried our best to look cool strutting down the street with our AirPods in (Just kidding - I don't own AirPods) pretending to be musical connoisseurs while secretly feeling grateful that there isn't a bubble visible above your head showing that you're actually listening to Britney Spears' Toxic for the third time in a row.

Now there's a meme showing that exact scenario with the help of French rapper Jnr Slice. He appeared on an episode of the French prank show Le Pire Stagiaire (The Worst Intern) which is where the meme's still is from, though an AirPod has been photoshopped on his visible ear for the purpose of the joke. The rapper looks extremely unimpressed by whatever's going on on the show, but if that isn't your "I'm listening to cool music" face then you're obviously lying.