A stage production of 'Mean Girls' is ''60 percent written'' and will be ''creatively staffed''.

Composer Jeff Richmond, who's married to 'Mean Girls' actress and writer Tina Fey, says the production is already well advanced, but has still to name who will star in the eagerly-awaited show.

He said: ''There's been quite a lot of progress on it.

''Nell Benjamin of 'Legally Blonde' fame, she's working with us as a lyricist. We've been working for a long time now,''

What's more, Richmond said he hopes to have the cast in place by the summer, although it's not clear whether that would include any of the film's original cast, which featured Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried.

He told Yahoo TV: ''I'm going to say it's like 60 percent written, and it's being staffed creatively... We are looking to do some actual solid readings coming around this summer.''

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan admitted last year that she was pressuring Tina Fey to make another 'Mean Girls' film.

She said: ''I was with Tina Fey the other day and I said we should do another Mean Girls, like an older version where they're all housewives and they're all cheating.

''That would be really funny. I'll harass Tina to write it.''