Maya Jama is using lockdown to learn her lines for her debut movie role.

The 25-year-old model-and-presenter recently revealed she was set to head overseas for the mystery project, but refused to give any details, and after the production was postponed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, she's making good use of her time at her family's home in Bristol, south west England, to get some practice in.

She told British Vogue: ''Having some kind of routine at home and planning ahead for when I'm back to work properly. I have a script to learn for a film that's been pushed back, so it gives me time to learn it.''

And when she's not working, Maya treats herself to a glass of red wine and a walk in the afternoons.

She added: ''I will have a big glass of red wine, or go for a walk around the area. I've not been in Bristol for a while so it's nice to feel [at] home.''

While Maya has grown used to juggling various projects in recent years, she wants to be ''focused'' on her new job and is looking forward to dedicating herself to just her acting role.

She continued: ''I want to be focused. I am looking forward to dedicating myself to one thing. I usually do five jobs in a week.''

The BBC Radio 1 DJ has always dreamed of working on the big screen after falling in love with acting at school but ''fell into'' presenting because it was easier.

She added: ''Before I was a presenter I wanted to act. I kind of fell into presenting. It felt easier. It felt like I didn't have to pretend to be someone else. I think now because I am so used to being Maya on screen. I think I will find it more challenging being someone else. I think I was probably a better actress in school but I am going to give it my best.''