A feud is reportedly brewing between One Direction and The 1975.

Matt Healy - the lead singer and guitarist for the indie rock band - is unhappy One Direction have moved towards a more rocky style on their new record, which he feels mimics The 1975.

A source explained to The Sun on Sunday newspaper: ''Matty has had a right old rant about 1D sounding like The 1975.

''He has told several close mates about how wound up he is by the situation.

''Matt feels like Harry [Styles] and the boys have pinched The 1975's very unique sound.

''It won't be something they've done on purpose. But they would hardly be the first band in history to have been influenced by their peers.

''Either way, the next time they see each other is bound to be awkward.''

Last year, fans claimed One Direction's 'Change Your Ticket' was similar to The 1975's song 'Girls', but a source close to One Direction said it was unfair of Matt to direct his anger towards Harry, as Niall Horan and former band-mate Zayn Malik were responsible for that particular tune.

A source close to One Direction said: ''It seems a bit unfair to rant at Harry, especially if it's because of the song 'Change Your Ticket'.

''Harry had nothing to do with that song - that was all Niall and Zayn's work.''