Mary J. Blige ruined guys' nights out when she hit strip joints to prepare for her movie role as a club boss - because the dancers would abandon the pole and the stage to sit and chat with her.
The R&B superstar plays the owner of an exotic lounge bar in new movie musical Rock of Ages and researched her role by chatting with strippers at local clubs.
She thought she could just sit down with a few girls over a cocktail or two - but she was mobbed every time she took a seat.
The Family Affair singer says, "When I got there, the women are so sincere and they're running (over)... and they're like, 'We love you, we love your music... you saved my life'.
"I'm sitting there talking to them all night and the guys are waiting to get dances and they're talking to me."
The experience made Blige want to spend more time in strip clubs and actually meet the real-life owners.
She adds, "A lot of them are young... The women that oversee the women (strippers) are really sweet (and) they have to protect the girls and the girls respect them.
"Now the men that own the club, you don't really see them."