Music is an industry where the audience doesn’t feel or see all the work that goes on behind the scenes. Yet, Margie Hauser has managed to sustain a decades-long career doing just that – working as a professional musician behind the scenes. Tapping into her love of music, Margie Hauser has built a sustainable career as a singer, songwriter, and composer. Among her best-known songwriting credits are Tiffany’s “Higher” and “Just Another Day,” Taylor Dayne’s “Falling,” Lucas Prata’s “The Best of Me,” and several other notable collaborations. Her passion for making music has earned her a spot on the Billboard charts multiple times, and she is a voting member of the Recording Academy. In addition to writing songs, she spends half her time producing music and has been recognized for her ability to assist artists in bringing their musical vision to fruition while expertly guiding their sound along the way. Most recently, Hauser has used her passion and experience to assist young artists in developing their own musical talent.


Margie Hauser

 Margie Hauser, a songwriter, composer, and music industry veteran, inspires talented musicians via leadership, authenticity, and a commitment to the craft of music.



Finding Success in Today’s Competitive Environment


Blessed with the ability to play music by ear, Hauser has a remarkable sense of melody that translates into various genres, including electronic dance music (EDM), pop, country, and power ballads. This unique aptitude has allowed her to work with a variety of artists and develop a diverse catalog of music. “For me, the key to writing a great song is connecting to the listener right away, whether it’s to make them smile, give them goosebumps, or just let them feel the urge to get up and dance.”


Hauser is one of the fortunate few who has built a long-term career doing what she loves: making music. A prolific songwriter, she published 19 songs in 2008 alone. Her amazing sense of melody and emotionally powerful lyrics put her in competition in the same ranks as multi-platinum hit-makers Diane Warren and Kara DioGuardi. “I believe my personal signatures in songwriting are a powerful melody, a great hook you can’t get out of your head, and a compelling bridge.”



Listening to Margie Hauser


Listeners may hear Hauser’s work on every streaming platform in various places, the radio, movie theater, or on cell phones. Her talent eludes categorization – she is just as much at home penning a chart-climbing hit for pop star Tiffany (“Higher” appeared on the Billboard top 20 dance club chart in 2007) as she is music supervising supervising music on the set of a major motion picture (the soundtrack to 2007’s Alice Upside Down included several songs written by Margie Hauser).


Margie Hauser’s songwriting ability has led to several collaborations with a diverse group of artists – from Eliot Sloan of the pop/rock group Blessid Union of Souls to up-and-coming country music star Bryce Pallister. She has also partnered with American Idol season 5 finalist Ace Young, who co-wrote Daughtry’s Grammy-nominated song “It’s Not Over,” and Taja Seville, a dance artist, and Prince protégé, on the hypnotic urban pop song “This & That.” In addition, she wrote “True” with romantic singer/songwriter Ryan Sallis. She teamed up with five-part harmonic boy band group Ellis One, multi-platinum producer Drew Lane, and his partner Adaamick Mendoza on pop artist Auburn’s (La, La, La) project. Other collaborators include Chris Korblien, Miriamm, Chris Doran, Shenkar, and Jaakko, with whom she has produced an array of music – from jazz and hip hop to movie soundtracks and world music.


Margie Hauser’s talent as a writer and producer has also caught the attention of executives in professional sports leagues. She recently worked with famed remixer Dave Aude on “We Are the Reds” for Major League Baseball (MLB) and wrote the high-tempo hip-hop anthem “Power” for the new Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) league. She has also licensed her own song, “The Journey,” to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in Los Angeles, California, and performed it at the charity’s luxury lifestyle fest, Cure in the Canyons.

Guiding New Musical Talent into the Future


Margie Hauser’s current passion is lending her expertise to help up-and-coming artists learn how to brand themselves and showcase their talents by writing and producing music that is both reflective of their unique sound and appealing to a mass market. Among the artists she has taken under her wing is Isaac Butler, a singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland, who released his debut single “Rescue Me” in 2019. It was one of five singles that he has written and produced in collaboration with Hauser over the past three years. The writer and producer has also worked with several Nashville artists, including Samantha Tieger, Olivia Francis, and Jon Wayne Hatfield, to produce new music.


Hauser’s talent shines bright when working with new artists like these and helping them showcase their unique voices in songs written together and produced with her fine attention to detail. She has even helped veteran pop star Tiffany release new music, her first-ever Christmas song, in 2020. In addition, she has collaborated with Taja Seville on “I’m Still Here,” a song that addresses the challenges of dementia and is performed in both English and French. Also forthcoming are two remixes that use cutting-edge Atmos technology – “Gonna Be Fine” and “Drunk on Love,” both written with Loren Johnson.


Looking toward the future, Margie Hauser’s greatest hope is to continue connecting with people – both fellow artists and audience members – on an emotional level. Never one to sit by idly, she continues working behind the scenes to write and produce new music and guide young artists in discovering their talents and forging their own paths in the industry. Based in Los Angeles with her husband Mark Hauser, Margie Hauser is energized by the creative exchange of ideas among musicians, yet, she also finds inspiration working on solo projects at home.

As the former president of the Manhattan School of Music, Robert Siorta says, “The most difficult thing about being a musician these days is not talent. It’s sustainability.” Yet, Margie Hauser makes it look easy. She continues to set an example for young artists who want to build a sustainable career in music by being agile and comfortably pivoting from one opportunity to the next.