Maren Morris ''couldn't have asked for a more magical human'' than her son.

The 30-year-old musician welcomed her son Hayes into the world with her husband Ryan Hurd on March 23 this year, and has praised her bundle of joy for being a ''good distraction'' from the coronavirus pandemic.

Maren said: ''He's great. We really couldn't have asked for a more magical human to be brought into our lives during this crazy time and he's been a good distraction from not being able to tour.''

And fellow musician Ryan said being able to spend time with his son and his spouse without having to worry about heading out on tour has been the ''silver lining'' of the global health crisis.

He added: ''The silver lining is getting to spend every single moment of this year with our son, who is never going to be this small again. I try to really soak that time up, because it's not time I would have had otherwise.''

Maren also opened up on the biggest lessons she's learned since becoming a mother almost five months ago, and discussed her ''gruelling delivery''.

Asked what she'd learned about herself, she said: ''Just what I can physically withstand. I think probably every mom can relate to that. I had a really gruelling delivery at the end and it's like 30 hours of labour, C-section at the very end. It's just about getting him out safely. The recovery was super hard, not being able to work out, having my tour rescheduled, it was a lot mentally and physically.''

The 'My Church' hitmaker and her spouse - whom she married in 2018 - said welcoming their son during the pandemic was a ''really weird'' experience, but just as rewarding as ever.

In a joint interview for 'The Bobby Bones Show', Maren said: ''It was really weird and eerie, it was so quiet.''

Whilst Ryan added: ''It was such an amazing experience to watch a human come into the world and to watch my wife do that. It was such an amazing few days even if they were really hard.''