Lottie Moss says going to rehab was the “best thing ever” for her mental health.

Kate Moss’ half-sister, 24, also told how she started viewing “toxic” pornography aged 11 and didn’t realise she was suffering depression until her mum and best friend told her to seek help.

Making the admissions on reality star Jamie Laing’s ‘Private Parts’ podcast, the OnlyFans content creator said: “I didn’t realise I had depression for a very long time. I just thought everyone felt this way... and I thought you just kind of get through it.

“I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. I quit modelling... I was doing some OnlyFans but not really. I didn’t recognise myself.

“I always wanted to be the fun one, and then I got to the point that my mum and best friend came to me and said, ‘You need to get rehab because you are so depressed.’

“I had never ever spoken about my true feelings for things. You have to tell people about how you feel, whether it’s your therapist, your parents or your friends.

“Talking about things you have gone through is so important because if you don’t, you can’t heal from it, you can't ever get over it, it just rots in your brain. And then you start to blame yourself for things. It’s a poison.”

She added she developed a cocaine addiction as she was surrounded by people who only wanted her there as she was “drinking and a fun time”.

Describing how she started watching porn before she was a teen, Lottie, who identifies as pansexual, added: “I was so young, and I had an iPod touch, and I used to watch porn on it. I used to type in ‘girls kissing girls’ – that was my first ever one.

“I was probably like 11. I was young. I think finding pornography so young was quite toxic.

“I felt so much pressure because all the guys at school watched porn. Men grow up watching porn, but it’s not how sex is.

“I know porn stars now, and I do OnlyFans. Speaking to them, they say it’s all fake, the entire thing is staged – sorry to break everyone’s hearts.

“I had sex very early on. I just had sex a lot when I was 15, 16. And now I'm just like, ‘I can’t be bothered.’”

It’s been reported supermodel Kate, 48, has “fallen in and out of sympathy” over Lottie’s life choices.