Could you possibly believe it's already May! The seasons are changing and the year is flying by, so maybe it's best to stop for a moment and check your diary before it's all over! Fortunately there are passionate musicians and lovers of music who have connected for years and still maintain a place of community, to celebrate music and dance. Liverpool Disco Festival sees the creators of Southport Weekender and Suncebeat, joining forces with Hustle in Liverpool to create a truly unique date in the festival calendar. As you'd expect from either of these organisations, their first event in October '16 was a success and received rave reviews and now event #2 is set to take place May 6th at Baltic Triangle in Liverpool.

Liverpool Disco Festival 2017

Undoubtedly it's gonna sound good and the line-up will be heavy! In fact it's quite an astonishing looking event this weekend celebrating 30 years of Southport Weekender. 

I can't quite believe I almost let this event pass me by! When Southport Weekender was around, festival goers were always guaranteed two amazing parties a year in October and May and regulars to the event always looked forward to those key dates in the diary for some quality music, a catch up with fabulous people and a unique dose of soul. Since the demise of the original Southport Weekender, May hasn't quite been the same but now all us Soul heads have something to look forward to. 

Liverpool Disco Weekender replaces those dates and 2017 is extra special as it would have been the 30th Southport Weekender. Liverpool Disco Weekender looks like this event is going to be first class! It combines the quality of Southport Weekender, the pristine sunshine deep vibes of Suncebeat Croatia and the atmosphere Hustle's renowned parties. With the legend that is DJ Jazzy Jeff kicking things off at 2pm at Hangar 34, it's a remarkable way to start a Saturday!

Each venue has such a vast array of top notch DJ's playing, it's ridiculous really! From Mr Scruff, to Jellybean Benitez, Nicky Siano, Tony Humphries, David Morales, Danny Krivit, Graeme Park, to Ultra Nate and D Train playing live plus many, many more. Of course, there are dope after parties planned too! 

Everything is telling me this really will be a weekend to remember and I think a lot of people are ready for some much needed good times.

With its vibe and fun loving people, Liverpool is an easy city to love and it's clear to see why it's been picked for the Disco Festival! The Baltic Triangle is an upcoming area in the city and it perfectly set up to create an experience unlike many other inner-city UK festivals. Even though the festival takes place in various venues, they're all in close proximity to each other so it should make navigating the event pretty easy. 

With less than a week to go and at the prospect of such a top class holiday, I'm super excited about Liverpool Disco Weekender! The line-up speaks for itself; it's quite clearly going to be a masterclass of house music and disco. If, like me, you're in need of a blowout, there's no question that Liverpool Disco Weekender will be the perfect place to remedy what ails you! It's been a tough year so far, fortunately there's a place and space where we can dance, meet likeminded people and make a positive start the summer. Big up!

For tickets and more information on the event, visit the Liverpool Disco Festival website