Oscars favourite Lincoln looks set to scoop another less prestigious honour as the historical drama is already lining up to be one of the most error-filled movies of the year (13).

The Abraham Lincoln biopic opened in North America late last year (12) but gets its main worldwide release in January and February (13).

Eagle-eyed viewers have already spotted almost 30 gaffes in the film, eclipsing the 26 errors which landed Bond blockbuster Skyfall second place in the 2012 list.

Mistakes detailed on movie website Imdb.com include a vanishing cigarette, a torrential downpour which suddenly becomes a light drizzle, a scene featuring a bust of President Woodrow Wilson, who was only a child during the years in which the movie is set, bright daylight outside the White House at 5pm in November, and a disappearing American flag.

Many other mistakes are factual errors such as Lincoln's secretary speaking without his German accent, the President's son Tad - who had a cleft palate - talking perfectly, and an official missing out California during a Congressional roll call of the U.S. states.

Lincoln has been nominated for 12 Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director for Steven Spielberg, and Best Actor for Daniel Day-Lewis.