Lil Pump closed a car park with an impromptu performance.

The 17-year-old rapper - whose single 'Gucci Gang' has been rocketing in the charts - celebrated his success with a surprised gig of his signature song for his fans in a parking lot.

Lil Pump - whose real name is Gazzy Garcia - was stood on top of a parked truck while he rapped and was surrounded by fans, who used their phones to light up his impromptu appearance while singing along.

A video was posted on his official Twitter account with the caption: ''Parking lot. I love y'all (sic)''

His impromptu gig caused a meltdown on social media with fans posting pictures and videos of the rapper.

One wrote: ''@LilPump performed ''Gucci Gang'' from the top of a van for a parking lot full of screaming fans. (sic)''

And another wished they could live like the rapper, writing: ''I WANNA LIVE LIKE THIS F**KING GUYYYYYYY #SUPERTTMANN #ESSKEETIT (sic)''

Many of his fans praised Pump's performance, dubbing him ''too boss'' and another claiming that he is their husband.

They wrote: ''THAT'S MY F**KING HUSBAND (sic)''

His signature song 'Gucci Gang' recently made headlines in Canada for its comments of a Canadian airline in the lyric ''f**k Westjet''.

The Miami-born rapper included the lyrics in his song after he was told he was not allowed to fly on Westjet airlines because he was drunk and disorderly on a journey from Vancouver to Toronto.

He raps: ''They kicked me out the plane off a Percocet. Now Lil Pump flyin' private jet (sic)''.