Larsa Pippen doesn't leave the house without a ring light.

The 'Real Housewives of Miami' star has revealed the contents of her "go-to Hermes Birkin" and admitted she always carries the lighting device for her phone to make sure she's never without "good light".

In a video for Us Weekly titled 'What's In My Bag?', she said: “I could never go without my phone. Of course, every girl that posts on Instagram has to have a ring light. You have to have good light, it is super important.”

The 47-year-old reality TV star also takes a bottle of the Tom Ford Shimmering Body Oil with her for "glistening" sun-kissed skin.

She said: “Living in Miami, you have to be glistening and shining and sexy. There is nothing like glistening skin when it is hot out.”

And for when she is peckish, Larsa takes popcorn with her.

She said: “Popcorn because my life is a movie. I have to always have a snack.”

Elsewhere, the brunette beauty revealed earrings are the perfect accessory when she needs to take her outfit from day to night.

She said: “Larsa Marie jewellery, you always have to have some kind of fab jewellery just in case I go day to night. I am always prepared with some earrings.”

Meanwhile, Larsa recently admitted her divorce from Scottie Pippen felt like "the longest in history".

The pair finalised their divorce last year, but Larsa admits it was a difficult process to go through.

Larsa - who married the NBA legend in 1997 - shared: "I feel like it was three years. I was like, ‘Is it ever gonna be over?’ It’s the longest divorce in history.

"I’m kind of glad that like, you know, we are where we are today. The divorce is over, we’re still in a great place and our kids are older too."

Larsa has four children - Scotty Jr, 21, Preston, 20, Justin, 17, and Sophia, 14 - with her ex-husband, and in spite of seeking a divorce, she still has regrets about their break-up.

She said last month: "I wish my kids would have had, you know, a mom and dad in the same home. I felt guilty because I just, you know, I grew up with my mom and dad.

"I wanted my kids to grow up like that, but as far as our relationship, it couldn’t be better than it is right now. To be honest with you, we’re like, in such a great place. We love each other. We’re always gonna support each other. We support our kids, you know, we’re just in a really good place."

Larsa filed for divorce in November 2018 but remains "proud" of her ex-husband.

The TV star praised the basketball legend for how he's handled their divorce.

She said: "I’m really proud of Scottie and I and how we’ve navigated through this divorce and through, you know, obstacles."