Lana Del Rey's songwriter wants to work with Adele.

Justin Parker co-wrote Lana's first ever hit, 'Video Games', and thinks his style of songwriting - which last week won him an Ivor Novello award - would be a good fit with the 'Someone Like You' hitmaker.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Definitely, it suits my thing. I'm sure we could write something really beautiful. But you never know - the thing about writing is you can have a bad day and you may never get to work with that artist again. You have to prepare and make sure you've got something you really believe in.

''I've been quite lucky. I do a lot of preparation. I don't work tons. I try and work cleverly and try and work with people I really want to work with.''

Since 'Video Games', Justin has worked with singer/songwriter Lissie and Bat For Lashes but admits his piano skills need to be brushed up.

He added: ''I'm not a great pianist. I can play chords and bits of melody and things like that. Ask me to work out something and I'd probably just fail. I'm good at playing what I like and I can play what I write, and that's about it. But I find it easier to put the chord structure together on piano and I think differently than I do on guitar. I advise everyone to learn the piano.''