Hip-hop legend Dr. Dre has been turning to 1970s electronica pioneers Kraftwerk for inspiration as he completes work on his long-awaited album DETOX.
The rap icon is putting the finishing touches on the follow-up to 1999 release 2001, and recently revealed the first single will be a track called Under Pressure featuring Jay-Z.
But Dre admits he's been listening to a completely different genre of music to help fuel his creativity during the lengthy process.
He tells Reuters, "I've been listening to a lot of old '60s and '70s music. Things like Kraftwerk, and Parliament Funkadelic. I've really been listening to a lot of Kraftwerk.
"Kraftwerk had a really big inspiration on the beginning of hip-hop. My tastes change with the season. Right now it's Kraftwerk. I'll see what happens this summer."
Dre recently promised fans he will deliver Detox by the end of the year (10) after several delays.