Christian singer JENNIFER KNAPP has forgiven her music industry peers for cutting contact since she 'came out' as gay - insisting religious music stars could jeopardise their careers "just by talking with" her.
The Grammy-nominated 36 year old ended years of speculation about her sexuality last month (Apr10), by finally revealing she is a lesbian.
Knapp is preparing to return to the limelight after a seven year hiatus and she admits many of her former friends in the Christian music industry no longer want to associate with her.
But the snub means she is even more appreciative of those who have made the effort to reach out to her.
She says, "Just by talking with me, an individual whose livelihood depends on their perceived 'holiness' can come into question. Publicly, I'm napalm, and I'm handled with care."
But Knapp is adamant her sexuality, and the way gay people are perceived by conservative Christians, will not affect her faith.
She adds, "Many practising LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) Christians will tell you that by honestly approaching their true sexual nature, their understanding of their spiritual being has only increased. There are Christian churches that excommunicate the openly queer, as well as those churches that fully embrace and celebrate them.
"Despite the claim that the more conservative voices may express, the moment the religious discover they are gay, he or she doesn't magically lose their faith."