Kim Jones is set to replace Karl Lagerfeld at Fendi.

The 46-year-old designer will be responsible for Fendi's haute couture, ready-to-wear and fur collections for women.

Jones will also retain his position at Dior Men's, having taken on that role in June 2018.

Fendi's chief executive, Serge Brunschwig, has hailed the appointment, describing Jones as ''one of the most talented and relevant designers of today''.

The London-born designer is also looking forward to the challenge of his new role.

He said: ''Working across two such prestigious houses is a true honour as a designer and to be able to join the house of Fendi as well as continuing my work at Dior Men's is a huge privilege.''

Jones is poised to present his first fashion show for Fendi during Milan Fashion Week in February.

The designer previously explained that he puts consumers and their ideas at the centre of his work.

He said: ''I just get on with what I need to do ... I know it sounds dreary and unfun. [But] seeing the success of the collections and the sales being really positive is great. That makes me want to do better and push myself.

''Consumers are the most important thing, though. You listen to them, meet them in stores, meet them in the street, ask them questions.

''Listening is half my job. It's also common sense. It sounds boring but it really is.''

Jones also thinks relatability has been one of the keys to his success.

He explained: ''People want to relate to the person behind the brand and I'm quite relatable, so I think that's a part of my success.

''I talk to everyone, all the young designers. It's nice [that] if they're going through a thing that I've been through myself I can then help them.''