Justin Young's mental state varies from ''delusional narcissism to crippling insecurity''.

The Vaccines frontman suffers from a lack of confidence and is disappointed fame hasn't made him as self-assured as he hoped.

He said: ''My mental state swings from delusional narcissism to crippling insecurity. I've always been shy and I used to think if I were ever in a position where my reputation precedes me, that it would be so great for my confidence. But it hasn't been.

''I don't feel like I've changed as much as I'd hoped I would. I thought things would get easier socially. I thought people would come to me.

''I just thought maybe ... sometimes I see people in bars and clubs and they're holding court and they're surrounded by good-looking girls and I find that they're an aspiring musician or whatever and I think, well, people just want to be around them because they're in a band.''

Before forming The Vaccines, Justin was a solo artist called Jay Jay Pistolet, but he now ''hates'' everything about his failed attempt at cracking the music industry alone.

He added to NME magazine: ''People know full well that my attempt to be a solo artist failed miserably.

''I hate the name. I hate the idea of people YouTubing it, I hate seeing it in print.

''It came from the pretensions of my 19-year-old head. It was something I did through necessity.''