Joy Crookes loves the diversity of fashion in London.

The ‘When You Were Mine’ hitmaker adores that “you can see everything” style-wise on display in the UK’s capital city and how it bleeds into her own dress sense.

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter told Harper’s Bazaar: “I think it’s because you can see everything in this city, and I’m such a sponge. I love West London, because I love the rude boy look, British Caribbean style on men and women, and I've always been interested in Mods too. And obviously there is so much rich culture in South London, all different types of street style and different types of traditional clothing. And it's like, when you're around these cultures your whole life, it's hard to not be inspired or pay homage to that.”

Joy - who has spoken at length about how growing up in areas such as Lambeth and Ladbroke Grove has greatly influenced her music - believes that London “belongs to no one and everyone.”

The BRIT Award nominee believes in the power of representing her culture for making her a “stronger person” and “more intentional”.

Regarding her look at the biggest award ceremony in British music, which was inspired by her Bangladeshi and Bengali roots, Joy said: "I think it makes me a stronger person.

"It makes every step I take, every boot on the ground, more intentional. It makes me understand myself more, and when we understand ourselves, we’re stronger.”

Joy - who is aware of her position as one of few mainstream South Asian pop singers - also acknowledged that it encourages others “to tell their story as well”.

She said: “Yet it’s giving to others too. I think when you are representing yourself, be that in a very casual outfit, or at an award ceremony or whatever, you’re standing your ground. That statement is giving love to other people, appreciating other people, and allowing them to tell their story as well.”