Rocker Jimmy Flemion has paid tribute to his brother and The Frogs bandmate Dennis after his disappearance on Saturday (07Jul12).
Dennis Flemion, 57, went missing after telling family and friends he was going for a swim in Wind Lake in Racine, Wisconsin. He did not return and is now presumed dead.
The Smashing Pumpkins star Billy Corgan was the first to share the sad news with fans on his blog, and he reached out again on Tuesday (10Jul12) to thank them for their kind words of support.
He tweeted, "I want to thank so many of you on here for showing Dennis and Jimmy a lot of love. It touches my heart on a tough day."
Now Jimmy has broken his silence in a lengthy message on The Frogs' page, remembering his older brother as "the most kind, sensitive and giving soul" and urging devotees to take heed of Dennis' life motto.
In a post titled, "Dennis Flemion 06/06/1955 - 07/07/2012", he writes, "Thank you all for your generous, kind words, thoughts and gestures. Dennis would or if you believe he is witnessing this at this moment is so grateful for the outpouring show of love and support bestowed upon him...
"Dennis was the most kind, sensitive and giving soul. He among all was unquestionably a true uncompromising artist, a visionary who instinctively understood greatness. A genius whose and art must and will be remembered. A perfectionist whose sole purpose was lasting beauty. Of everyone imaginable in this life I was given the precious gift to learn at his feet...
"It gives me so much pleasure to know that in his last days that he was the happiest he had ever been in his life. He had so much pride that his 2 beautiful children had just graduated from college, our 2 albums had just come out and he was so happy spending time together going places with his wife... I know there is a reason for the timing that something bigger than all of us is guiding this moment. Count Yer (your) Blessingsz (sic), it's his message to the world. Appreciate.
"Dennis will always be inside me forever. It is my duty and obligation to uphold his legacy and shout it from the highest mountains how proud I am of his achievements and let the universe know how much I love him."