JAY-Z has laughed off fans' "crazy" hopes he'll one day consider a career in politics - because his hip-hop career and drug dealer past would make him an easy target for the media.
The 99 Problems hitmaker has been candid about his teenage years selling illegal substances on the streets of his native Brooklyn, New York before making a name for himself in hip-hop circles.
He has since turned his life around, married squeaky-clean pop superstar Beyonce and become a model citizen, doing as much as he can to help charitable causes - and backing Barack Obama's run for President.
Fans have applauded him for his philanthropy and are confident he would make a good U.S. president, but Jay-Z is not convinced and has ruled out the career option altogether.
He says, "That's just crazy. I think (to be in politics) you have to be this pristine person who's never done anything bad in their life and I don't think that's very American. It's impossible for a person to live their life perfectly; we're not perfect human beings."