Jason Crozier has warned off overdrying the hair to avoid “zapping the life” out of a bouncy blow dry.

With a new legion of fans being introduced to ‘The Fall’ since its arrival on Netflix, many viewers have been admiring Gillian Anderson’s effortless-looking bouncy blowdry – dubbed the Netflick – and the Revlon spokesperson and stylist has shared an easy tutorial on copying the look at home.

After towel drying hair and applying a golf-ball sized squirt of mousse to the roots, Jason recommends using Revlon’s Bump Up Volumising Spray through the length and ends before using the brand’s One-Step Dryer & Volumiser Titanium Special Edition on its low heat setting.

He said: “Work the roots upwards before smoothing through the lengths and ends.

“Always start at the top and sides for this style. This look is all about framing the face with luscious locks that flick and bounce around, so you really want to maximise your efforts here. Use a twisting and rolling motion as the brush and bristles travel through each section of hair.

“As you work through the top sections of head, hold the tool horizontally and dry with the hair wrapped around the brush, traveling in a forward crescent motion.”

And warning against undoing the hard work, he added: “Be sure not to over dry the hair, as this will zap the life out of the volume and bounce.”

To open up the face with a lively flick, Jason explained: “Blow dry the sides whilst holding the ONE-STEP Hairdryer and Volumiser vertically and wrap the hair around the brush so that, with a flick of the wrist, you can direct the hair away from the face.

“Repeat this technique through the back sections, drying them with the tool vertically as this help emulate the work you have done through the sides.”

To finish the look and make it last, after dying each section, allow it to cool in rollers for around 15 minutes.

He added: “Once you release the hair from the rollers, spritz it with strong hold hairspray which will give longevity and texture to your locks.”

The new REVLON® One-Step Dryer & Volumiser Titanium Special Edition is available now at Boots & Amazon at a RRP of £79.99.