Jade Bird has released her new single, ‘Open Up The Heavens’.

The acclaimed singer-songwriter has followed up last year's singles, 'Headstart' and 'Houdini', with the soaring new number from her upcoming follow-up to her 2019 self-titled debut.

She said in a statement: “‘Open Up The Heavens’ was written and recorded two days before I had to fly home from recording in Nashville.

“I’d heard stories about the last song you write for a record being the best, so I was searching for that in the vocal booth of RCA that evening.

“Halfway into the riff Dave (Cobb) pops his head in and says ‘You should really do something with that’. So I did. I sent the song to him two hours later and before I knew it, everyone was brought back in and we were tracking my favourite song on the record.”

The 23-year-old star previously said she hopes her new album will provide a "bit of relief" for her fans.

Although she admitted she feels slightly uneasy about releasing new music amid the coronavirus pandemic, she hopes that it'll offer a welcome distraction to her fans.

She reflected: "You don’t want to appear naive releasing something that’s actually quite cathartic and upbeat in a time that doesn’t follow that. I was just really reflecting on that and what that means, and I did come to the conclusion, as I have been doing with all this, that this new album was a lot of relief for me.

"There’s a lot of healing and getting back to knowing who I was, and my family were etc. So I really just hope that releasing this music gives other people – not to sound cliche - a bit energy, a bit of relief, a bit of a break."

Jade is conscious of how the pandemic is impacting people around the world.

But she feels it's important not to remain silent at such an important moment in history.

She added: "It’s so difficult for everybody at the minute, I’m so aware of that. That’s what I’m thinking and why I’m keeping on releasing through this time. You can’t be silenced by the time – you’re in history, whether you like it or not."