Rapper ICE-T has completely changed his attitude towards police officers, years after he wrote the controversial song COP KILLER. Ice-T, real name TRACY MARROW, was once a gang member on the streets of South Central Los Angeles, and he sparked controversy when he co-wrote and performed the song Cop Killer. But he's changed his tune after playing a cop on TV in hit US drama LAW + ORDER: SVU. He tells the National Enquirer, "I used to hate the cops. But now that I've gone legit and need the cops to watch my house, I don't hate them anymore. I'm a hypocrite. "Honestly, I think everybody out there is hypocritical about the police. It's like when you're speeding - that's when you don't like them. "(But) when somebody breaks into your car, then you call the cops to help you. When I was a criminal and I was out in the streets, the police were my opponents, and I wanted to get away. "But back then I felt they were constantly harassing me and other people in the hood when we were just trying to survive our circumstances. Now that I'm legitimate, I need 'em."