When you are planning an event; a wedding party, a bridal shower, a birthday or even the opening/launching of your business, you will need some entertainment. Music helps to give a theme and style to the event. Nowadays, due to the pandemic, most events are held with the maximum physical distancing possible or simply held online. 

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Even businesses and events that once relied on gatherings have moved online. You can find an online casino, online dance performances, online meetings (zoom and google meet) and even award shows are held online too, but notwithstanding entertainment is never lost in these online events. 

Here are a few tips on choosing the right songs for your events; 

Do Enough Research 

Conduct your research extensively on what kind of music is fitting for the occasion or what message you want to pass across to your guests, visitors or customers. You need to play songs that are appropriate for the occasion to get the right mood and emotions from your guests. If you don’t get it right, no matter how good the song you play is, it will most likely sound off. 

A meet and greet with colleagues for example will not require upbeat music, but something softer and calmer as background music. A birthday party on the other hand will require something more upbeat. This is because guests at your meet and greet want to have productive conversations about business with little to zero interaction or noise. While your friends at a birthday party want something lively and if you will, noisy. 

The Theme of Your Event

Of course, you would expect that if you have a theme for your occasion, every other thing should be planned around the theme. This means the theme defines what kind of furniture to use, what kind of food to serve and what kind of music to play among other things. 

Your theme adds life to your event and gives it a center/ hub. You can do one or two things that may not quite fall in line with the others, but don’t overdo it as it will most likely look out of place. Don’t make the music you play to be what will stand out like an eyesore, rather let it be the glue holding the event together. 

Consider Your Guests

Quite frankly, music played in your event is not meant for your listening pleasure. Ok, maybe just a little, but nothing more. The main purpose is to entertain your guests. So how do you know what kind of music your guests will enjoy? You can guess by finding out the average age range of the guests you plan to invite. They will most likely prefer something they are used to or something that ‘suits’ them. You can also choose music that reminds them of what it used to be like back in the days. Something nostalgic, yet fun.

If you are still undecided or if that doesn’t help, simply ask them especially if they are close friends, family or associates. If not, simply send a questionnaire as part of your event planning process.

Be meticulous about the songs you allow to be played at your event. As much as the music boosts the mood, it can also be a mood killer if your playlist is not selected with the pleasure of your guests in mind.