The worlds of sport and music are very different, however they do have moments when they cross over. Think of the last time you visited any sporting event, can you remember if music was used in any way? The chances are it was, as many sporting events now use music to set the atmosphere.

This may be entrance music, something to get the crowd going or used to inspire the players before a big game. All of these elements are vital for setting the atmosphere inside the stadium or arena, but they also have a direct impact on how the event unfolds.

Walk On Music in Sport

One of the most common ways in which music is used in sport is when teams or players walk onto the pitch or playing area. This is something we see happen in boxing matches, PDC darts events, snooker games and more.

Some football teams also use this when coming onto the field, for example, Manchester United walk out to This Is The One by the Stone Roses when they play at home. United can be backed at online betting sites to win games, will the walk on music they have inspire them to success?

Many of those teams and players who use walk on music will keep the same song for many years, and this can often become a favourite of their fan base. This is certainly something we see in boxing, where fans at ringside will join in with the song as their boxer comes out.

Music to Get the Crowd Excited

One of the many reasons why people go to sport is because they love the buzz, the atmosphere of being in the crowd with others and the feeling that something special is about to happen.

This all unfolds during the event, but the crowd are often warmed up by music to get in the mood. Again, boxing is a great example of this, you will often hear many sing-along hits being played as the main event approaches to get the crowd ready. A favourite at the moment seems to be Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, often heard at sport.

We see this at other events too, and it shows just how powerful and important music really is to people when it can be used as a tool to excite them.

Player Inspiration

The final way in which music is used has nothing to do with the fans or with setting an atmosphere, this is all about the players themselves. They too need to be prepared both physically and mentally for a game, and music can help with that.

In sports where a warmup is needed, such as football, ice hockey, basketball and American football, the playlist for this period is often chosen by the players. They will choose songs that they like and ones that help them relax, while also knowing the importance of being ready, so they choose music to get them in the mood to play.

Some of this happens behind closed doors in dressing rooms, but there is certainly a need for music from players to get them pumped up for a game.