If you think about it, music has been associated with gambling for a number of years. Some of your favourite singers often enjoy a trip to the casino to unwind, but that's not the only reason music is closely associated with gambling. Whether you're thinking about some of the most well-known gambling songs or not, music has had a big role to play in the industry.

In this article, we're going to look at the subject in a bit more detail. Not only has much of the land-based casino industry been built around the music industry, but music has also played a key role in both traditional and online casinos, as we'll soon find out.

How live music helped the casino industry grow

Before the growth of the online casino, you used to have to go to somewhere like Las Vegas in order to get your gambling fix. While Las Vegas is undoubtedly the capital of resort-style casinos, there are many smaller cities that offer a similar experience on a smaller scale, like Reno and Atlantic City. What do these places all have in common? Music and live shows.

Even for independent casinos in non-casino cities that might have been around for decades, they've always gone hand in hand with the music industry. The reasons for this are obvious, but let's have a slightly closer look in a bit more detail...

Casino bosses wanted to find a way to attract people to their casinos and resorts. While gambling is obviously the main attraction, this wasn't enough in the early days. It also wasn't enough to attract the whole family. That's why casino bosses started thinking more and more about what goes on at their resorts away from the gambling tables. This line of thought lead to Vegas being what it is today: an entertainment centre with something for everyone, with music at its heart.

When you visit Las Vegas today you can obviously enjoy all the gambling you could possibly want, but you can also eat in thousands of restaurants, visit theme parks and museums, and attend hundreds of different live shows. Many of these shows feature some of the biggest names in music history, like Celine Dion and Elton John. That means if only one of you likes gambling, you can still bring your whole family to the city and there'll be something for everyone to enjoy.

Vegas took a while to get to the entertainment mega-city that it is today, but music has always played a role in attracting people to the city, all the way back to live shows by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. These guys played a big role in helping to build the city you see today. But it's not just Vegas that has used music to help get where it is today. Look at any casino you can find, big or small, and you should see a list of live shows and events designed to bring more people into the casino---even people who don't like gambling.

How music could affect how you gamble

While music has played a big role in getting people into casinos, it could also affect how much you gamble, either in a land-based venue or an online casino. A lot of research has been done into the effects of different genres and tempos to work out how they affect human behaviour, and this has helped gambling bosses make changes to what they have on in the background---to try and make more money.

That's why there's that backing track at your favourite online casino as well. It's there for a reason. The good thing about playing online is that you can normally mute the music if you don't like it. You can also decide to play your own music instead if you prefer. You don't have these options with a real casino. If you'd like to know a bit more about how music might affect the rates at which you gamble, let's have a look...

Firstly, research has suggested that the tempo of the music you listen to while gambling could have an effect on how much you gamble. It has been suggested that faster music could make you bet more quickly. While the music speed in the test didn't affect the stakes people bet with, it did make them bet more quickly.

However, slower music can also have an effect and while people might slow down their betting---they have been shown to stay playing the game for much longer and bet more over a longer period.

So when you listen to the background music in your favourite online casino or land-based venue again---remember that it could affect how much you gamble. Maybe it might be a good idea to mute it if you have the option? Or put on some different music that might not have been picked to influence your gambling habits?

However, there's also a reason why casinos don't pick the fastest music they can. They want to set an inviting atmosphere that seems welcoming and gets people sitting down. While faster tempo music might make people who are already gambling gamble more, it doesn't necessarily get people to sit down and start playing, or get more people in through the doors. That's why a lot of time and effort is made picking the right background music that's both productive to helping people gamble, but also inviting and creates a welcoming atmosphere that gets people to sit down in the first place. Many casinos choose a more relaxing pace of music because they want to create an atmosphere that keeps people around, even if they are betting slower as they do.

As you can see, music is important in the gambling industry. Live shows and famous artists help get you to the casino themselves, while the background music choice help get you sitting down and gambling at the right pace. Have you thought about how much music can play a role in how much you gamble? It's a more complex issue than you might have thought.