Music is a diverse instrument that we all love. Generations have witnessed great musicians use their powerful voices to entertain. Some of these prodigies shared numerous hobbies outside of the music industry. Here is a few musicians who had their way with the microphone and luck at the gambling table.

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Frank Sinatra

The name Frank Sinatra must appear when talking about the biggest names in the music industry. Hailing from New Jersey, this singer became one of the most iconic artists in history. He was part of the group Rat Pack, whose other members included Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop, who rocked spectacular performances.

Aside from his comprehensive career, Sinatra also fancied wagering. During his trips to the city of lights, Las Vegas, Sinatra engaged in several gambling adventures. He performed regularly at prominent locations like the Sands Hotel and Casino, the Desert Inn, and the Golden Nugget.

This shows later transpired into late-night gambling sessions. As he did with his music career, Sinatra was in it to win it, earning a reputation as a high-stakes player.

Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight is an impactful musician with an impressive career. As she was often referred to, the empress of soul released some of the greatest hits, including ‘I Heard It Through the Grapevine’ and ‘If I Were Your Woman.’

Apart from music, Knight had a taste for wagering. She frequented Las Vegas, showcasing spectacular performances attended by numerous fans and site seers. One of the things that drew her to gambling was the period during which she resided in Las Vegas.

She is also renowned for participating in celebrity poker tournaments. Most of the ones she was part of were to raise money for charity. However, at some point, the music genius began facing gambling addictions, which she battled for almost a decade.

With the emergence of new online casinos comes a new and modern era of gambling, where there are ways through which players can regulate their online gambling habits. While most online casinos are designed to be thrilling and attractive, players can always set restrictions on their phones to pull them away frequently.

Elvis Presley

Between the 1960s and 70s, one man, Elvis Presley, kept the world on his feet, earning him the title of king of rock and roll. Aside from the vibrance he added to the Las Vegas entertainment scene, Presley also had an affinity for wagering.

Presley was no stranger to extravagant wagering locations in Vegas. Furthermore, he was so popular that his presence in a casino accentuated the dazzle of Vegas. He fancied wagering so much that doing it between performances was no issue.

His fame and fortunes allowed Presley the luxury of being a high-stakes gambler. He often flaunted his significant wagers, which would sometimes win and disappoint him.

Sully Erna

The popular band Godsmack's lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist had quite the talent. Heavy, hard-hitting sounds characterized their genre and could be classified as rock and roll or post-grunge.

Erna was quite the gambler while he was widely popular for his music. He particularly liked poker and wasn't in it for leisure. He participated in several tournaments, including the prestigious World Series Of Poker (WSOP).

Due to his fame, participating in poker watches made the game more widespread. For some period, he served as a poker ambassador. He also played some charity events where he showcased his skill level in the game.

Macy Gray

The American singer and songwriter known for her ability to integrate different genres and fuse them into a melodic piece has had an astounding career. She is a music legend constantly mentioned in recent musicians' songs like the Migos.

While her musical reputation precedes her, she also has her fair share at the gambling table. She was a regular casino visitor until she decided that wagering was hurting her bank account.

She was a blackjack enthusiast who rode the casino's rollercoaster of winning and losing. She cited that the most she ever won in one night was $28,000. However, she claims her partying days are over and no longer wagers.

Lemmy Kilmister

The founder, leader, and lead bassist for the popular band Motorhead, Ian Fraser Kilmister, is an iconic British musician. He is an iconic figure in the rock and heavy metal scene. The band Motorhead went on to become the pioneers of heavy metal.

He also had a liking for gambling. He resonated more with slots and even had a favorite slot machine at the Rainbow Bar and Grill on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. His gambling passion contributed to his persona as a rock and roll rebel and enthusiast.