Hailey Bieber used to raid her dad's wardrobe for oversized clothes.

The 23-year-old model - who is the daughter of actor Stephen and Kennya Baldwin - would rummage through her famous father's clothes when she was younger as she has always been a fan of the oversized look as it makes her feel more like herself.

She confessed: ''I always used to steal my dad's clothes because I liked wearing everything oversized. Like his tees and trucker jackets, even his 501s. I've been wearing [Levi's] 501 cut-offs since I can remember ... they make me feel like me.''

Hailey has also been a longtime fan of the denim brand and recently starred in the latest Levi campaign alongside Jaden Smith ahead of festival season before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Instead, the project turned its focus to sustainability as people cut down on shopping during self isolation, and Hailey has urged customers to only buy what they need.

She recently said: ''Being wasteful [is now] behind us. You should only buy what you are going to wear for a long time.''

Jaden agreed: ''Buy clothing that already exists, buy pieces that you can wear for multiple seasons, and buy items that have been in circulation for a large amount of time,'' he says.

The pair shot the Festival-style campaign in a sunny field surrounded by palm trees, wearing a selection of festival-appropriate denim cutoffs, trucker jackets, tees and short-sleeve button-downs, with Hailey adding that the shoot was ''just a fun day hanging out with friends''.

Speaking to British Vogue, she gushed: ''Jaden is amazing. He's so creative and brings such an amazing spirit to everything he does, I think it's the performer in him. I love that we got to work together on this.''