Hailey Bieber thinks her husband Justin Bieber has had a ''way crazier 'famous' experience'' than her growing up.

The model grew up to famous parents - Stephen and Kennya Baldwin - but her husband experienced fame much younger than her and far more intensely.

Speaking to India's Vogue magazine, she said of her fame: ''To be honest, I don't really think I was ever famous. ''Of course, I knew my father was an actor and he was famous to an extent, but if I was to compare how I grew up to how Justin did, he's had a way crazier 'famous' experience really young. I got to grow up and get my driver's licence and really be normal until the past three years of my life.''

Meanwhile, Hailey had previously confessed the scrutiny of her marriage to Justin Bieber has made her feel like ''less of a woman''.

Answering fan questions on their Facebook Watch show 'The Biebers on Watch' when one asked how they ''manage to be a couple when everyone feels like they have a say in their relationship,'' she admitted: ''It is definitely not easy. Justin knows I have a hard time with the things people say and the ways people make comparisons .... The way they have made me feel like less of a woman ... I think when people have a lot to say or go out of there way to make people feel less than it is because they are going through something bad. It helps to remind myself that that person is going through something themselves.''

The couple addressed the on and off relationship they had before they married, and Hailey insisted people ''don't know'' the full story.

She added: ''People think they know, they invent details that aren't even true. There is a lot people don't know.''