As the days get lighter (and slightly warmer) again, it means one thing - festival season is coming in the UK. Tickets are going on sale for some festivals and rapidly selling out for others. From Download and Glastonbury in June to Bestival, SW4 and Wireless in the peak of summer, the UK plays host to some incredible artists. If you've taken up vaping since your last festival, there are a few extra things to remember as well as some things you'll want to take with you. 

Vape woman

Etiquette and decorum - vaping at festivals 

It's British culture to know how to queue, let people off the tube first before boarding and not make eye contact on public transport. That etiquette expands to vaping too. While people are pretty open minded about vaping in the UK, it's worth remembering a few things. 

Some festivals may have a designated smoking area which includes vaping. If you're in a tent, it's best to wait until you're back in an open area. While vapour doesn't smell as strongly as smoke, not everyone's going to love it, so try and avoid blowing it in anyone's face. Another thing to be aware of, while you may love your box mod, they're not the most practical things for a festival. Compact devices that take up less space (and make less vapour) are a better option. 

What to take with you 

There are a few extra things you don't want to forget when you're going off to a festival, especially if it's for a longer stint. Making sure you have the relevant replacement parts means you'll keep your vape in top condition for the entirety of your stay: 

A power bank. Running out of power is never good and these days compact power banks will give you plenty of charge in a package small enough to fit in a bum bag. Most vapes plug in with a micro-USB cable and the bonus of these is, you can keep your phone battery topped up too. 

Spare parts for tanks - including coils and replacement glass. Coils can burn out and if they do while you're away, it's unlikely you'll be able to find a spare for sale on festival grounds. Packing a spare glass cylinder for your tank is also a good idea. Accidental drops happen and without glass your tank won't be able to vape at all. 

Spare pods are the other option. If you have a pod mod rather than a vape pen, make sure you bring a few spares, regardless of whether you use pre-filled pods or refillable ones. 

Buy e-liquid and plenty of it. Aside from keeping yourself topped up, festivals are a captive market once you're in and being able to sort out a fellow vaper gets you bonus festival points. Whether that's nic salts or shortfill e-liquids, bring a bit more than you think you'll need. 

Vape maintenance at a festival

Whether you're only going off for an overnighter or are going for a 5 night stay, there are a few things you can do to make sure your vape stays in good condition and lasts you the duration of the festival. Aside from keeping your vape in working order with the bits listed above, keeping it clean is important too. 

As far as storage goes, mosh pits are pretty unforgiving on a dropped e-cigarette, as is the mud you'll find at the likes of Glastonbury. Keeping your vape in your bum bag (plugged into your powerbank when you're not using it) is the safest place. It can also be a good idea to put it in a ziplock bag when you're out to prevent any rain or dirt from getting into the battery. 

Keeping it clean is pretty simple and having some basic, multi-purpose cleaning supplies will make it a breeze. Give the drip tip a wipe out now and again to get rid of any dust and tissues or wet wipes for when you change the coil or pod to get rid of any spilled e-liquid. 

A few recommendations

A smaller vape is usually better than a large box mod. For one, they take up less space in your bag or pocket but also create less vapour so are more crowd-friendly than big kits comparable to smoke machines. If you're considering taking a vape with you to a festival but haven't chosen one yet, or have a one at home you don't want to take for whatever reason, there are a few festival ready options.

The Aspire Tigon 

The Tigon Kit by Aspire is an adaptable option no matter how you vape, plus it has an 1800mAh battery for a whole days use without running out of power. The tank has a solid locking function meaning no accidental leaks and can work with two kinds of coils. This means you can either inhale with a cigarette like draw or a direct to lung inhale for bigger clouds. Also - the Tigon comes in a few colours including rainbow, making it the perfect pairing with any fluorescent and glitter covered outfit. 

The Smoking Vapor Mi-pod

Arguably the most festival friendly vape on the list, this one is about the size of a match box and comes with a hole on the corner so you can thread it onto your festival lineup lanyard. Aside from making it a lot harder to lose, it's also a mouth to lung kit, creating modest amounts of vapour. The pods inside are refillable and have a 2ml capacity, perfect for nic salt liquids to give you a strong hit (in turn helping keep away cigarette cravings). 

The Minifit from Justfog 

Even smaller than a Juul but with more juice capacity and a bigger battery, the Minifit is the size of your thumb and is made for taking up as little space as possible. The Minifit is a super low maintenance option with refillable pods, a quick recharge time and it works well with a variety of juices. 

Vaping at festivals is less intrusive than smoking, they take up less space than a pack of cigarettes and you can do it in your tent in the evening with no risk of setting fire to your air bed or mattress. With just a few extra bits to take away with you, you don't need to worry about losing your lighter to that guy you just lent it to. You'll be ready to head-bang, shuffle or rave with reckless abandon, which is what the British festival season is all about.